Our favorite actor Hosea Chanchez was interviewed on The Michael Zavala show. He talked about his upcoming role on The CW new comedy show 'The Game' and what it has been like working with 'Sister, Sister' star Tia Mowry. Listen to the interview click here

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Hosea Chanchez (born September 12, 1981), also credited as Hosea, is an actor. He has gained recognition for his involvement in a number of television shows including his major role in the CW television series The Game.
Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Chanchez is the oldest brother of two younger brother. He spent most of his childhood in Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. By the age of 10, Chanchez knew that he wanted to become an actor because of the encouragement from his grandparents. He draws his support from his grandparents, and his mother. Chanchez resides in Los Angeles, California and enjoys reading a good book and spending time with his Weimaraner puppy named Brando. Hosea Chanchez relishes his current comedic role on “The Game,” but he has also shown great promise in dramatic roles through his guest appearances on episodic television and his work in film and on stage.

Chanchez has even made a recent foray into business, starting his own entertainment company, Kelp Productions. Hosea continued to hone his craft through various classes, ultimately found an agent, and began auditioning. He quickly landed the first of approximately 50 commercial bookings, and his career has been running open throttle ever since. Chanchez humbly considers his “big break” the moment he became a working actor and appreciates every day he has on the set. Nonetheless, he is excited to expand his repertoire and resume in the years to come.

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